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14 Mar 2014

komisen tinggi dengan UNIFI

MG dapat email dari UNIFI
nak jadi agent x? MG rasa macam menarik je dan MG nak share kat sini


Dear Partner,

Tagter is looking for Unifi agent and we offer High Commission Rate Up to 150% + 30%
You may look for your customers (could be your customers, friends or family members), submit the application to Tagter and get commission after installation. Let's Take Unifi VIP 5 (5Mbps) RM149 as an example:
Unifi VIP 5 Order Submitted ByCalculation FormulaYour Commission
You (Personal Sales) 150% x RM149RM223.50
Platinum Partner15% x RM149RM22.35
Gold Partner10% x RM149RM14.90
Silver Partner5% x RM149RM7.45

If you wish to know more, please reply this email, or contact Kong 019-3836828 (Call or SMS), or click the link below.
Besides Unifi, Tagter also offer Streamyx packages for area not within Unifi coverage. Commission rate for Streamyx is 165% + 30%. Let's Take Streamyx blockbuster Deal 1.0Mbps (RM110) as an example: 

Streamyx Blockbuster Deal 1.0Mbps Order Submitted ByCalculation FormulaYour Commission
You (Personal Sales) 165% x (RM110 - RM25)RM140.25
Platinum Partner15% x (RM110 - RM25)RM12.75
Gold Partner10% x (RM110 - RM25)RM8.50
Silver Partner5% x (RM110 - RM25)RM4.25

Besides looking for customer, you may recruit your Platinum Partner, Gold Partner and Silver Partner as many as possible. The more partners you have, the more you earn from your business network. Tagter have prepared a very good marketing strategy for you to look for partners without having to meet people.

We also provide FREE Online store for you to post your products to sell in Tagter.

If you wish to know more, please reply this email or click the link below.


haaa, lumayan kan?
so korang yang suka buat sale tu 
mulut manis
ada mkcik pkcik niaga pasar malam ke kedai2 ke
boleh la start promote2 
kalau dapat sebulan 1 customer pon ok dah ni 
mana2 la. rezeki halal kan?
MG just sharing dan bg pendapat dan peluang je 
gud luck! :)


  1. Not Bad...Boleh cuba tu MG. Good luck ya!!!

  2. Wah. Terbeliak mata tengok komisen diorang bagi. =)

    ZH Blogger

  3. @rdz - MG xbuat pun ni sis, sje share ..xmenyempat nk buat ..huhu
    @zaki_ tebeliak x tebeliak tula komisen nye,,huhu... banyak kan?? :)

  4. banyak gak komisyen tu, tapi nk bermanis mulut mmg susah la..hehe

  5. Kena rajin sikit bru dpt komisyen tu ea dak...


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